A Quiet Word About Squiffy Gnu

Please read this first!

Squiffy Gnu Facebook Poetry is the home site for a community (aka a ‘herd’) of established, disestablished, experienced or otherwise would-be poets, and writers of flash fiction. Friendly critique is welcomed, with the intention of enabling writers to excel even themselves. However, don’t worry about being too polished — first ideas are the best. As ours is a closed group, work posted here is not considered as being ‘published’. This means you can still send your poem or story to a magazine or a competition. If you get something properly published then please tell us, and we shall rejoice with you. Our intention is to provide a weekly prompt to trigger ideas. His Lord High Squiffiness welcomes suggestions for prompts, sent in by members of the herd. You can reach him via squiffygnu@gmail.com . Please be tolerant if Squiffy posts any of his own awful poetry.
Best wishes, the Admins.

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