Party in the Diaryhouse

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My debut pamphlet, published by the very wonderful Picaroon Poetry. Price includes postage and packing


“Party in the Diaryhouse” is published by Picaroon Poetry (see link below).  The cover photo was taken in my third year student house in Leeds c1983.  Who knows what kind of cut-price Narnia might lurk at the back of this wardrobe..


Extracts from recent reviews;

A pocket-size guide to life through music, each piece reads like a walk down memory lane where Hemingway takes the reader by the hand and points out the most important sights  along the way – offering up some killer lines as he goes.

(Charley Barnes- Mad Hatter Reviews)–e-books.html

“Party in the Diaryhouse” contains compassionate poems that use conversational language to communicate poignant, nuanced ideas without being didactic. It doesn’t matter if the readers aren’t familiar with the musicians, the poems still convey the character and ideas with precision and rhythm.

(Emma Lee- Emma Lee’s Blog)

Hemingway takes us from Radio Luxembourg to Instagram, on a journey through time and thought. 

(Beth O’Brien- Riggwelter)